Frequently Asked Questions

What is the professional approach to water damage restoration?

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough property inspection, evaluate the severity of the damage, and create a restoration plan to bring the property back to its pre-damage condition. Advanced tools, including pumps, will be utilized to extract water. Any irreparable materials will be removed, and the area will be dried utilizing specialized equipment like dehumidifiers. Finally, our team will clean and deodorize the affected area.

In the event that my property is not near any Best Option Restoration of Tri-State location, how long can I expect it to take for you to arrive?

Typically, Best Option Restoration of Tri-State aims to be on-site within 1-2 hours as long as the location falls within a 50-mile radius of a Best Option Restoration of Tri-State. Nevertheless, please note that response times may vary due to factors such as traffic, accessibility challenges, government regulations, and the extent of the damage. Best Option Restoration of Tri-State also has valuable partnerships with companies that play a vital role in community recovery and can help facilitate access to blocked areas when needed.

What items should I keep during the restoration process?

It is recommended to retain important belongings such as cash, medications, valuable jewelry, checkbooks, personal documents, valuable paintings, and pets. However, it is necessary to remove flammables, weapons/ammunition, gasoline cans, and stamp/coin collections from the premises.

How can one go about identifying mold?

There are several ways to identify mold. Visual inspection can reveal mold growth or water stains in affected areas. Conducting a mold test can provide further confirmation of microbial activity. It is also important to check for signs of water leakage, such as damp areas, in places like pipes, roofs, ceilings, or walls. Furthermore, a musty smell can be a telltale sign of mold presence.

Should I expect any disruptions to my business during air duct cleaning?

We prioritize minimizing disruptions at Best Option Restoration of Tri-State. We will work closely with you to schedule the cleaning process at a convenient time, preferably outside of business hours. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, our goal is to have your business back to normal operations by the next business day.

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