How Direct Thermal Drying Can Help Speed Up New Jersey Water Damage Remediation

Using Direct Heat For New Jersey Water Damage Remediation

FEB 10, 2022 by JUAN MORALES  


One method that often produces superior results for water remediation is the application of heat directly to the affected areas as quickly as possible. This can often allow many items that would otherwise be irretrievably damaged to be preserved and restored to use. Best Option Restoration (B.O.R.) of Tri-State offers disaster restoration services to clients throughout our service areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Here is how the direct-heat water remediation process works.


Assessing the Damage



After a flooding or water damage event, your first move should be to document the damage with photographs and to contact your insurance company for further instructions. Once you have the photographic evidence in hand, you can typically move undamaged items out of the immediate area and to examine other items for potential damage. This can allow you to mitigate the potential damage caused by water in your living or working spaces.


Calling B.O.R. of Tri-State


Time is obviously of the essence when dealing with water damage at your home or business. In most cases, remediation should begin as soon as possible. At B.O.R. of Tri-State, we can often get started within 24 hours of your call to reduce the amount of damage caused by water leaks, flooding or other water events. This can allow you to begin drying out the damaged area quickly to produce improved results for your remediation project.


Applying Direct Heat to Damaged Areas and Items


The skilled technicians at B.O.R. of Tri-State can use direct heat to dry out smaller areas that have been submerged or damaged by water. In general, we recommend direct heat methods only for rooms and areas that have been submerged in water to less than one-fourth of the total height of the room. Other methods may be more effective and practical for areas that have been submerged more deeply and that require rapid remediation to prevent serious structural damage to your house or building.


Our Direct Heat Remediation Methods


In general, B.O.R. of Tri-State uses portable commercial heaters that are specifically designed to dehumidify damaged areas and to prevent issues with mold and mildew. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians will evaluate the area of damage and will design a plan for dealing with your water damage quickly and effectively. Depending on the extent of the damaged area and the type of items that have been damaged by water, we can often produce definite improvements and the best possible results within a week or so of the water damage event.


Other Services We Offer

Water remediation is just one of the services offered by B.O.R. of Tri-State. We can also help you recover from fire damage, storm damage, contents cleaning and odor removal issues that require professional help. Our team specializes in dealing with cases of hoarding and can help you manage mold remediation and decontamination for areas that could potentially be hazardous without the right safety gear.

At B.O.R. of Tri-State, we offer practical and affordable solutions for your remediation and restoration needs. We work with you to find the right options for indoor and outdoor issues related to water damage, hoarding and many other hazardous issues that can affect your properties. Our team serves clients throughout the Tri-State area, including the following cities:



Denville water damage services


Sparta water restoration contractor

Cedar Knolls


Oak Ridge

Mount Tabor


Randolph water remediation





To learn more about the services we offer, call B.O.R. of Tri-State today at 973-222-8205. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve your emergency remediation needs.




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